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Our mission at Vet Care Express is to be an indispensable resource to pet owners, Veterinarians, Emergency Veterinary Hospitals, Fire and Police departments, Animal Services, and Humane Societies to provide the highest level of reliable, compassionate, professional transport service possible for pets.


Just like with humans, it is critically important that pets are handled, right from the beginning, by trained, compassionate, and experienced professionals using the proper equipment to ensure the best possible outcome. Handling incorrectly or creating additional stress could cause more harm than good - nobody wants to further harm their pet. Just like with humans, driving your pet to a hospital could put you both at risk - you're too anxious and distracted to both drive and comfort your pet, you're not trained or equipped to provide emergency care, and you may not know who can best care for your pet in your current situation.

Our service is available 24 hours/day M-F, Sat. until noon, Sunday Closed. Vet Care Express is Veterinarian recommended, fully licensed, insured, and professionally equipped with oxygen, masks, stretchers, gurneys, backboards, cages, and first aid supplies. We are also fully certified in pet CPR and first aid through the American Red Cross. We monitor our patients throughout transport and communicate condition status to the receiving Veterinary facility.

  • Not sure how to handle a sick or injured pet?
  • Too anxious to both drive and comfort your pet?
  • Need to bring your pet home or transport to a specialist?
  • Pet too large or uncomfortable riding in your vehicle?
  • Unable to take time off work for vet visits or specialists?
  • Donít have transportation?
  • Donít drive at night?
  • Need help taking your pet to the kennel, groomer, or sitter?
  • Need to schedule vet visits around other family activities?

For any of these reasons, Vet Care Express is ready to serve you. Rates start at $30, and because each situation is unique, just contact us for a customized quote.


We look forward to providing you with the most compassionate, reliable, and professional service possible!



Vet Care Express Animal Ambulance now transports for Sarasota Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center, Bradenton Veterinary Emergency, Animal ER, and Veterinary Emergency Center daily, transporting patients back to their referring family veterinarians after they have had emergency care. This service takes the anxiety and burden off of the pet owners - ensuring that their pet is in professional, trained, and experienced hands while traveling back to their vet for follow-up care.

Vet Care Express partners with Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory to offer home pick up of pets for final arrangements.

Vet Care Express partners with several veterinarians to provide home euthanasia services, compassionate transport, and body care arrangements.

Vet Care Express Animal Ambulance partners with Ace Pet Resort and Bayside Pet Resort offering safe, convenient, and affordable transport to and from their facilities for boarding and/or grooming.




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