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"Cheryl and her assistant have been very helpful to the Animal ER, it's clients and patients. Vet Care Express has transported our patients to and from our facility in an efficient, professional, and compassionate manner. We have used the service also to transport our patients to their primary veterinarian's office when their parents couldn't. The service has been needed for many years in this area and will be used to its maximum by the Animal ER."


Terri Nagle, CVT, Practice Manager, Animal ER of University Park

"At Sarasota Veterinary Emergency Hospital, we often get calls from owners with animals that are unable to, or don’t feel comfortable, transporting their critical patients. Since we have limited staff available at night, we cannot send out one of our technicians to help the concerned owners. This can be very disheartening to an already anxious owner and frustrating when they do not know where to turn for help.

We have utilized Vet Care Express on numerous occasions and have always been happy with the service! On one particular occasion, a 94 year old man with a diabetic dog that received too much insulin called because his dog (a large Labrador) was seizing. He was unable to lift the dog himself. We recommended he call Vet Care express, which was willing and able to bring in his patient at 4 AM. The dog did great with treatment and could have been transported by the owner since the patient was walking, but the owner felt much better having Cheryl Brady (Vet Care Express founder) transport his dog instead!

Vet Care express has oxygen available, which can be necessary with some critical patients. In others, it just helps to ease their anxiety. The staff of Vet Care Express is always professional and easy to work with. They truly love their jobs and do it for the welfare of the pets. I have been more than happy with their service to the Manatee and Sarasota Counties, and would recommend them to anyone who is in need of transport for their sick pet."

Ashley S. Kanzler, DVM, Sarasota Veterinary Emergency Hospital

"Several of our clients have used Vet Care Express and were very happy. She is always very professional and caring. We will definitely recommend her services to our clients.


Lisa Beaumont, Practice Manager, Bay Road and Crossings Animal Hospitals

"Vet Care Express is a godsend to us and our clients! Recently, a client went on vacation leaving her 70 lb greyhound in the care of a relative. The dog became ill quite suddenly and was unable to use its rear legs. Unfortunately, the relative could not lift nor transport the dog. Cheryl came to the rescue and kept the patient calm, comfortable and secure as she brought the dog to us. Without her, that dog would not have been able to get the medical treatment that it so desperately needed. Vet Care Express has been the missing link in the local veterinary community!"


Janice Badgley, C.V.T., Medical Operations Manager, Braden River Animal Hospital

“Dr. Chauvet and I were very pleased with the service you provided for Dracula, the hbc husky.”


Nick Mayer
Practice Manager, Critical Care and Veterinary Specialists

"Your compassion for me and your respect for Whidbey made a very hard time much easier. It eased my heart to see you so mindful of Whidbey's dignity. I appreciate your service very much and it was made all the better by the incredibly kind angel who took my puppy. It's clear that you are an animal lover and wonderful with people as well. Thank you for making a horrible day a little easier."


Gratefully, Ashley R., Whidbey's mom

"I can tell you that in my hour of absolute greatest need you were possibly my source of greatest comfort. Everywhere I go I sing your praises! I am so thankful for you and the service you provide. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your quick response and compassion!! You are an angel!"


Jackie B.

"I want to reiterate how much Cheryl helped Steve and I through a very difficult time. Her compassion and service was ABOVE the board. Again, Thank You Cheryl for everything. You made 2 new lifetime friends!"


DJ Ray

"Meredith and I want to express once again our heartfelt thanks to you and your assistant for getting out in the middle of the night to bring Piper to the hospital. It was the single biggest traumatic event in my life and I had three kids of my own. Piper has progressed well and is the happy, rambunctious dog we care for so much. Never forget what a large part you play in people's lives whether they acknowledge it to you or not. Many thanks from us, and a wag and lick from Piper."


Bill B.

"I just wanted to thank you for all of your help with Austin. I couldn't have done it without you. Your kindness and patience were greatly appreciated. It was like I had known you forever. Thanks again for all of your help! "


Beverly L

"What can you say about a person who is so dedicated to all animals. Providing services and care to all who need her. My cat loves her and so do I. God Bless her for what she is doing."


Goldie and Nina R

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